How do I add a new payment method to my Coinbase account?

Are you using Coinbase exchange to trade different crypto assets? Well, this exchange is the most favorite crypto exchange of all the crypto players out there. However, if you have just got started with it and now you wish to know the process to add a payment method to your account on, then you have got to the right page. Here, we shall have a look at the process to add your cards or your bank account to the Coinbase account so that you can make your first purchase with it.

Yes, it is very important that you link a payment method to your Coinbase account for buying any crypto asset through it. So, in today's blog post, we shall be covering the essential details on this topic so that it becomes easy for you to trade assets through Coinbase right after completing the sign in process.

If you have not created a Coinbase account yet, then you first need to complete the account sign-up process, after that, you can apply the steps explained in the section to follow. And, if you have your account ready with you, then you can jump directly to the next section and get started with the procedure.

Can I add my bank account on

Right after your first login process, you shall be asked to link up a payment method to your account which can make you wonder whether or not you can link up your bank account on the exchange platform or not.

Well, the answer is yes, you can surely link your bank account as well as a debit card to your account on the exchange. The process for the two varies, however, it is almost identical. Check out the details in the next section to get things done.

Adding a debit card to your account on Coinbase 

Whether you are using the Coinbase exchange or the Coinbase app, you can follow the given steps for adding your debit card to your account:

  1. Begin the process by navigating to the website

  2. Right after this, you can feed your sign in details

  3. When in the account, select the profile icon/menu represented by three horizontal lines

  4. Then, from the given menu, choose "Settings"

  5. And then, choose the option to add a payment method

  6. Select whether you wish to a credit card or a debit card

  7. Now, enter your billing address in the given section

  8. When asked, enter your card details and you're done

Adding a bank account to your account on Coinbase 

After signing into your Coinbase account with the apt login credentials, you can follow the steps that are listed below:

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu from within your account

  2. After that, select the "Payment Methods" tab

  3. And then, you can choose the option referred to as "Add a payment method"

  4. Choose "bank account" from the given list

  5. Choose the option to add your PayID account

  6. Select "OK" and follow the easy prompts to end the process


In this post, we have talked about the apt way to sign into your Coinbase account and then add a payment method to it. After signing into your account on, you can add your bank account or debit card, based on your preference. I hope this guide has helped you in finding out the answer to your question.